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amour consciente

this piece is created originally for the art show
'amour et conscience' (love and consciousness)
curated by Véronik Menanteau (Paris)

the installation consists of three parts:
five transparent 'curtains' (1*2meters),
a sound file and the web piece itself.

it has been exhibited in the show 'amour et conscience', Atelier Sévigné, Paris, 9/9 - 9/12/99
(look at 'installation' for a sketch and a photo-montage)


the web piece itself also can be seen as an independant work and will get a different meaning presented in such a way


to the web piece

you can experience the piece in different ways.
looking at each 'curtain' seperately (each curtain has some kind of interactivity to explore by mouse-movement or clicking) or by opening two, more or all 'curtains' at once.
what you can 'get' is some kind of control in a uncontrollable environment
a movement linked to a movement linked to a movement (btw. in the real space installation this aspect becomes another meaning through the real walk between the 'curtains' which can be compared with the 'virtual' experience).


technical instructions

there are JavaScript1.2 functions implemented in the scripting (for browser versions 4.x or higher), but the work will also run with lower JavaScript versions (with some limitations).

screen settings:
the piece is optimized for 16 or 24 bit colour and a screen size of 1024*768 pixel or bigger.
if you have the possibilty change the monitor settings to this resolution and restart your browser.

Reiner Strasser, September 1999