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straight ahead to the body creased and folded where the legs join. looking
down towards a convoluted topography of triangular slits. straight ahead
above the slits. descending in the presence of the slits. angling upward
in the presence of the slits. backing up, stopped by a wall. forward,
stopped by a wall. turning to the right, looking through double slits at a
young woman sleeping. straight head by the side of the woman. unable to
proceed forward. turning to the right near the young woman, ascending near
the young woman. unable to ascend. turning further to the right and
straight ahead. unable to move. ascending further until the outer grey
peripheral belt is visible; just above, the reddened underbelly of a can-
tilever beam. a second image of the young woman in a second alcove. moving
forwards towards the alcove. hovering above the alcove. descending into
the alcove and looking upward. turning to the right, facing the young wo-
man duplicated in the alcove. continuing to turn. there is a nude man in
the shadow. moving to the left. the body is there, hovering, next to the
young woman. he has his arms between his legs. he is headless. slightly
descending and to the left again. turning to the right. backing off. re-
maining within the alcove. ascending slightly. there is a hand grasping
something. it may be an arm on another arm. ascending slightly. two edges
meet at acute angles, panels carrying the image of the creased and folded
body. above, the red underbelly of more cantilevers. to the left and
right, grey support beams surround, the peripheral belt. gaps are visible
in the belt. above to the left, intimations of another series. below,
shadows of limbs FROM THE POSITION OF THE YOUNG WOMAN, invisible now and
most likely alert.