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housing feeds into health and population; population feeds into labour;
labour feeds into food production and capital goods; capital goods feeds
into consumption and capital; capital feeds into consumption; life expect-
ancy feeds into health; health feeds into life expectancy; education feeds
into life expectancy; population feeds into life expectancy; life expect-
ency feeds into education; urbanization feeds into education; education
feeds into transportation and job mobility; transportation feeds into pol-
lution; housing drains resources; resources drain population; health
drains day-care; sickness drains health; labour drains resources; capital
drains labour; consumption drains surplus; surplus drains expenditure; ex-
penditure drains goods; goods drains resources; resources drains food
production; war drains food production; peace drains surplus; war drains
life expectancy; mouth feeds into stomach; anus drains stomach; intestine
feeds into anus; urethra drains bladder; semen feeds into penis; mouth
feeds into vagina; vagina drains penis; penis feeds into anus; knives feed
into flesh; flesh drains bullets; urbanization feeds into bullets; bullets
drain population; education drains mouth; penis drains peace; semen drains
life expectancy; death absorbs; life gives; art is long; life is short.

(Clark and Cole, Global Simulation Models, A Comparative Study, 1975.)