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I wonder what Kanses wil be like. I imagine roling hils and high
chaparel. I think there will be very many misile silos in the hils like
white pointy flowers coming up thru the hils. They will be very sad to
leav this place and the medows wil be empty when they do. O there are such
flowers as you can not imagin wheen they are ther like that. They leav
long pointy stems behind them wen they go up in the air lik that. You can
see such flowers. The stems grow and then they are gone and the flowrs to.
Then it is sad in the medows becaus they ar al gon just like that. I do
think kansas will be lik that so butiful.

Now I am in Omaha and that is just like Kanses I think but ther is 1 big
diferns. That is, the misiles are so quiet here I do not kno wher they ar.
Perhap they are alredy left. I do so hope not. Now I wil go and wach the
war. Alan.