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the beautifl planes at the strategic air comand musum were parked next to
shel casings, also a big red barel for an h- (hidrogen) bomb. and at that
point i did think to myself that a god shuld be punished for making it so
simpl to destroy a planet or at leest the remanes of life upon this very
one. becaus we were never given the Wisdom to understand how to dele
wisely, we are agresive animals, as i was saying, to dele wisely with
enormus forces that shuld be under no ones control. i think also that
these forces made us hav cultur to. i think always the world culd explod
very easily beacaus it is so volatil (redy). it is the same flaw that made
the world this very beautifl world becaus that is the enrgy of the sun.
the sun needs that enrgy to run and we do not. but ther we hav it becaus
we are made of the sun but hardr because not acting like the sun does. but
then wen life gets to a place it can act like the sun does and it does.
and it can do that without Wisdom becaus the sun is not wise but very act-
ive. but wen life does that then ther is a war wher evryone wil die be-
caus we hav no tools to stop us. becaus we have cultur from blak cole and
oil and that is from the sun and the h-bomb is from the sun, it is al this
flaw that makes us smart but wil kil us and we dont kno how to stop it.
becaus it is so enormus. now i do think we are dieing to do that. we wil
al die becaus cultur has kiled us. but without cultur we culd not write
this. we culd not do anything. so we can do things for a litle whil and
that is Wisdom. and then we wil not. now i want you to kno this is al ther
is, i mean in this univers this is how it gose. i kno ther are other
universes wher it gose diferent and i herd ther are other universes wher
nothing gose but this is not one of them, this is our swete univers and
i do think we ar lerning to say goodby.