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Sewn in You

@salt and gold
<Julu> your limbs around me / holes caught in trees and flowers
<Alan> give me thorns piercing the soft flesh
<Julu> thorns of love screaming against your holes on the way to
this is the way to Armageddon.
so this is the way the thorns go, ripping the pink flesh.
ripping the ribs and rims of the flesh, emerging from filth.
<Alan> call it filth and draw brown blood from me into havoc.
<Julu> don't you dare call me havoc.
@havoc -> #@$(*&(*&$%))(*@#$ [noise is on the line]
You have been disconnected. Do you wish to reconnect?
<Julu> perfect love is always interruption.
<Alan> cut my nipples from my breasts: plant them.
@cut @plant @grow Soldiers of the Golden Fleece
<Julu> and they have black bellies of black bombers
cut into straight and rigid angles
and just so reflecting radar and midnight tracers
everywhere across your body's violent hills.
your belly, holes and fabrics drawn from love and nature.
<Alan> i i i i i ruffles combs serrations raked across your
shoulders, i can imagine drawing blood into the
page among us
<Julu> i can't sleep without you, live without you any
longer, can't breath without your flesh heavy in my
lungs. i want your lungs in me. i want to breathe
your breath, i want to eat your flesh.
<Julu> i want your lungs. i want your flesh. the
@premonition of the Argonauts
Black plane cuts the furrows weather-vaning across tillage
and you can dream your bright lights, you can dream your
trees. At night I try to sleep in the fires, there are lips<
and labia everywhere, skin swollen and cracked to the burst-
ing point. There's no difference between you and me. Between
the two of us. The deep slits in the dry dark earth carry
water down and out to the road. The road's always filled but
the people are invisible and I do not love them and will not
learn to love them.
<Julu> don't give me your dreams as well. oak floors are hard
but they tend to swell in floods, pushing out the
walls of the house, everything falls to pieces, you
can't find the planes
The Argonauts are coming: MEDEA OF THE FALLEN TIMBERS whose
skin tears along those lines separating us. Our love will
bring the planes down. Our love makes the growth of every
living thing.
<Julu> if you leave me i will kill you, if i kill you, you
will leave me.
I spent my time sewing us together. I spent my time sending
needles into and across the skin that holds the sky. Planes
seep contrails everywhere sown like teeth holding culture
against barbarian hordes, all hordes are barbarian.
<Alan> you shit on me, i crawl through it, to you you you;
bury me alive, i'm there for you, the black planes
replace the freighters, air replaces water, you
replace my mind with your own and teach me things
i never dreamed, lines and lineages of the black
planes, the smell of silt and shit in the furrows
gone down to the road, the path of the road gone
down to the village where we are fucking
<Julu> the planes are coming again, the Argonauts have
carried medusa, your cock is stone, i love your
<Alan> i love the taste of your shit, your vomit, your milk,
your blood
<Julu> down on my knees beg you crawl through me
<Alan> i can't feel anything any more but you, you're all
i want to feel, threads cut through the flesh,
threads seal our mouths and holes together
They do capture and they do bring us before the king and
Medea. Medea begs us to fuck her, Phaedra begs us to fuck
her. We do fuck her. Do we violate Jason with the plane
and spike. Do we thrust the sword and lance through mouth
and hole. Does his tongue rot?
<Julu> does his tongue rot ours?
<Alan> his tongue does _no such thing,_ his tongue does
no thing, there are no thing.
There are people around & we want to fuck in front of
them & strip each other & expose ourselves utterly. We
can't keep our hands off each other. We swallow each
other. We draw blood against the bone. Our hair is matted
with blood. We give each other every possible disease and
drug. We give each other every possible dream and mind.
We do know the world and could make everything true and
beautiful. We choose to fuck and love violently and hard.
The planes are coming.
<Julu> we choose to draw blood with blood.
<Alan> we choose to draw planes with our blood.
<Julu> we choose to draw bombs with our blood,
we draw broken homes and windows too.
<Alan> we draw smashed streets and cities too.
<Julu> we draw smashed people everywhere lying and
screaming on the ground.
<Alan> we fuck so hard our cocks come out our cunts,
our cunts out our mouths, our mouths out
our cocks
They do only to go back again. They do bind
each other into violent knots. They do go back.
<Julu> we die for our love, our flesh and blood feeds
the soil of all good-bad things
A large shadow looms over the landscape, a male chained
in armor carrying an iron sword, there are whirlwinds
and shadows, there are duststorms and fires, there is
the sound of a great word spoken in a great language.
<Alan> this is understood between us when our bodies
<Julu> clash together, hungered hard, torn apart and
<Alan> chain-male woven, you better hold me forever,
<Julu> you better hold me forever, you better be good
<Alan> to me, you better bury the planes, you better
sew the fields and lips, till the fields,
rake the shoulders of all surface
burn the shoulder-furrows
Write the name of aeroplanes and war.
@havoc - @#$@^&$)(%$(*&#$%& [noise is on the line]
You have been disconnected. Do you wish to reconnect?
Love soars its way through the bullets and bombs and
everyone hears the truth. They fuck so hard it is
louder than any word. They scream and scream and scream
and scream.