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shareware art
art as shareware


You want to own a piece of ART?

You can download it here - the first


first edition limited to 500

registered (numbered and signed) pieces

shareware fee:
30$ / DM40,- (or more)




1. Download (open and save) the jpg-file (96k) and print it onto a cardboard.

2. Cut it out and glue it together.

3. Register it today (or tomorrow).

After the registration you will receive a certificate and a sticker (with signature and registration number) to complete the shARewareT.

It's only a REAL piece of ART when completed!

Copyright © Reiner Strasser. 1996/99. All rights reserved


If you are interested in registering the POETICBOX shARewareT,

send a m@il and you will receive the registration form with further instructions.

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