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What is virtuREality?

[the virtuREality construction]

short notes

written in a blue hour
behind the blue moon


virtuREality [s]

Combine the real part of the virtual world
with the virtual part of the real world.

[from 'the little dictionary of Re:', December 1997]


We manifest to live in the real world - the reality,
but the virtual part of ourselves heavily determines our doing.
Virtuality in this view is based on the subjectivity of being
(subjective perception, reception, reflection).
. ... .
Keywords for virtuality are e.g.
illusion, fiction, dream, desire, feeling, magic, myth, mysthic, psychic, meta.
So it is an old notion often used under the cover of art.
. ... .

In our times we accept virtuality as a technical tool,
e.g. in games or on the net and may forget
the roots of virtuality in our mind.


There exists a close correlation
between conciousness and virtuality.

. ... .
Without the ability to think
there will be no idea, no ideal, no illusion


Virtual Boundaries

Thrown into life
we can not understand
the end.
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