To Maja and Ann Brandenberger

Jugoslav flute*

Perform one note,
or more notes,
or the highest sound,
or a laid down sound
or a paroxistic sound
or listen,

The man with the glasses: "You are a beautiful man...the colour is red."

Also for every night,
also for all the night,
also for more performers,
also for more jugoslav flutes,
also with electronics,
also on one or more devices,
also with other materials,
also together with other pieces,
or speak with the public,
or with the enemy,
and perform it in any way,
(for you).

*Given to me by my father and my mother in Dubrovnik in the summer of 1971.

Roma/Ancona, (1998)**/1999
**from "Two memory pieces"

This is a piece for jugoslav flute, speaker voice ("the man with the glasses") and any other material. Please contact me if you want to perform this piece, an unuseful piece for peace.