Re:s hat

a site over view

the universe is a hat without shadow

dear visitor, this site has existed since october 1997
('the virtual affair' since january 1998)

it or Re: was born out of communication on the net
so the communicative and collaborative aspect
(e-mail contacts, exchange of ideas and material)
is an important part of the concept itself
(look at Re: roses)

you can contact me at

i look at the site and handle it as a self-developing system

it will evolve as the net will evolve - human made, creating a synthetic-organic structure

now it is splitt in three main parts

words and works for the cyber age

(the former Re: site on geocities)
pieces from october 1997 to april 1998

the beehive
over 40 pages, reflecting the experience
with and on the net
seen as a human interface

the apple
from dreams and myths
in the absence of presence

two multiple page works

... if the net will become the communication/information medium of the future
not only the intellectual but also the emotional impact has to be explored

digital sketches

my digital sketchbook and laboratory since january 1998
one page works, always in construction

including corresponding pages by collaborating artists (friends)
(some of the pages will be moved to the other sections or still are...)

key aspects of the exploration area:

interactivity, simplexity - simple structures creating complexity,
open but determinable structures/systems
interface in conjunction with the reception and
the single/multi dimensionality of human
the correlation between picture and text
the language as the expression of a fundamental element of human being
. ... .

looking for the roots of humanity

new works


multiple page works since may 1998

le parapluie
viva automatica
the piano
the diver's grave
a window journey

belgian reflections
the seahorse

a sequence

featherless fly
a cyber hyper poem

children of the moon
a sequence


about love and virtuality


w e a k b l o o d
international net art / poetry project (spring, summer 1999)

corresponding and/or collaborative pieces

ways to creative projects on the web

it is
a small step

jump back

Re: The Virtual Affair


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