the piano

by Reiner Strasser

text and voice: David Knoebel

'be patient,
can you get in a moment
what will be kept for
a life time?'

english edition

the piano
( quicktime-version)

the piano

édition francaise
(voice: R. Strasser)

le piano
(version quicktime)

le piano
(version wav)

the piece will open in a separate window,
javascript, sound enable, for NS 4.+ or IE 4.+
move and click.

i prefer the
Quicktime PlugIn for this piece!

[you need the
beatnik plug-in
to hear the overlapping sound effects with PC/NS]


childhood in richmond

a corresponding piece

by Komninos Zervos

[Quicktime PlugIn required]


Copyright © November 1998. Reiner Strasser. All Rights Reserved.